Alive and Intact! Alligator Discovered Inside the Stomach of a Massive 20-Foot Python in Florida

Part 1: Florida Wildlife Officials were stunned to discover an alligator inside a massive 20-foot-long python’s stomach. According to reports, the python was found in the Big Cypress National Preserve in southeastern Florida, where it had been preying on local wildlife, including deer and hogs.


The alligator’s discovery inside the python’s stomach is a rare occurrence as alligators are top predators in the region and usually do not fall prey to other animals. Wildlife experts believe that the snake attacked and swallowed the alligator whole, only to succumb to the predator’s claws and teeth within a matter of days.

The python was humanely euthanized after it was found, and a necropsy was performed on it, which revealed the presence of the alligator inside its stomach. This discovery provides a rare insight into the ecosystem of the Big Cypress National Preserve, where predators of all sizes battle it out in the struggle for survival.

Florida wildlife officials are urging people to be cautious when encountering these animals in the wild, as both alligators and pythons can be dangerous under certain circumstances. It is also important to note that pythons are considered an invasive species in Florida, and people are encouraged to report sightings to help prevent further harm to the local ecosystem. This rare discovery of an alligator inside a python’s stomach only goes to show the wild side of Florida’s natural beauty.

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