Close-up of the invincible “great war” of chameleons and vipers

The Daily Mail has just published a series of photos of the chameleon and viper’s great battle in a park in Jakarta, Indonesia.

When detecting a chameleon crawling on a tree, the cunning viper slowly approaches its opponent in the hope of getting a full meal.
At first, the chameleon did not know that the viper was intending to attack her.
However, when the viper approached, the chameleon immediately responded to the enemy.
It used its sharp teeth to pin the viper’s flesh.
The war was pushed to the climax when no one gave up.
The chameleon bit right into the head of the viper, causing the opponent to wince in pain.
However, soon the viper turned the tide and attacked the chameleon again.
Taking advantage of the viper slithering away, the chameleon continues to bite the opponent.
Close-up of two animals “baring fangs, dancing claws”.
After a while of fighting, the viper finally had to leave with a chameleon wound on his body.

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