Fearless civets shown to be a natural enemy of poisonous snakes

The wild civet killed a poisonous snake right on the tree, making many people startled about the animal that seemed like a natural enemy in the life of wild animals.


The story of a hunter turning into a prey is not uncommon in the wildlife world, but the scene of a wild civet biting a poisonous snake right on a tree makes many people startled and surprised by the killing. capture this little animal.


Armed with a powerful venom capable of killing a human, the snake dispholidus typus is a fearsome predator in the wild.

However, the mongoose is its nemesis when this animal is not afraid of the venom of the snake dispholidus typus.As soon as it saw the snake slither to the tip of the branch, the killer civet approached the venomous snake gently but firmly.



Realizing the danger is near, the snake tries to slither away, shaking from the encirclement of the ferocious civet. However, the poor snake’s efforts were in vain as the civet was determined to eat snake meat for the day.

The mongoose chasing the venomous snake was in a dead end, repeatedly biting the snake’s head to cause damage until it found an opportunity to pin its sharp teeth into the snake’s head, completing the fatal blow. mine.


The dramatic and dramatic snake hunt was captured by South African photographer Elana Erasmus in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

After a period of fighting and running, the venomous snake is tired and exhausted, it leaves it to fate to push it to the worst outcome, becoming the food of the vicious mongoose.



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