Flood of blood in Indonesia! Thousands of salmon are swimming in the river in Alaska, no one comes out to catch!

Agam – About 200 tons of tilapia and goldfish in floating net cages at Lake Maninjau, Tanjungraya District, Agam Regency, West Sumatra died suddenly. The reason, strong winds accompanied by high rainfall.
Tanjungraya District Fisheries Extension Officer, Asrul Deni Putra, in Lubukbasung said the deaths of the 200 tons of fish were spread over two villages, namely Nagari Tanjung Sani as much as 50 tons and Nagari Koto Kaciak 150 tons.

In Nagari Tanjung Sani, they are spread across Jorong Muko Jalan, Jorong Batu Nanggai, Jorong Galapuang and Jorong Pandan.

“This is temporary data that I got from farmers and the fish came from hundreds of floating net cages owned by 150 people,” Asrul said as quoted by Antara.

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He said the tilapia and goldfish died due to strong winds accompanied by heavy rainfall hitting the area and causing water to turn back at the bottom of the volcanic lake. The turning of the water causes the remaining feed at the bottom of the lake which contains ammonia to rise up and poison the fish.

After that, the fish in the floating net cages on Lake Maninjau experienced dizziness and died.

“A few hours, dead fish float to the surface of the lake,” he explained.

He urged farmers to immediately harvest the fish and move them to pools of still water, so they don’t die because the rainfall is still high and there is a risk of fish death.

Previously, the Agam Fisheries and Food Security Service advised farmers to postpone sowing fish seeds from September to January.

In that month, he added, rainfall accompanied by strong winds has the potential to hit the area, so that oxygen will decrease and fish will die.

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