Forest Tattoo Meaning – What Do Different Forest Tattoos Symbolize?

Forest and tree tattoo designs allow the tattoo collector to include other symbols, such as animals, skylines, symbology, or plant life into their body art.

The horizon, treeline, and different tree species can be linked with things you can see but can’t quite touch, and a dense collection of trees can enhance a powerful symbol with style and technical dexterity.

Birds and insects add depth and subtlety to your forest sleeve tattoo art, while a small tattoo can be expanded by forest creatures such as bears, deers, and wolves, animals that are popular in adapting greater symbolism to a tree tattoo design of a cedar tree or birch tree.

The following story examines the popular symbolic meanings behind forest tattoo ideas, how different themes are applied, and why the forest has a range of style and application choices.

1. Forest Tattoo Meaning

Half sleeve Forest Sleeve Tattoos dracol33

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The forest symbolizes the deep mystery of nature and a connection to the cycles of life that we seem so far removed from in our modern lives.

There is great meaning within a range of tattoo designs capturing unspoiled nature, whether it’s strong tree tattoo design or ink exploring the harmony between different creatures and plants playing their roles.

We are also connected to the forest through vacations, adventure, animals and plants, and maybe even the picturesque scenery that we can view from our homes, or are part of local identities.

Modern men and women often long for humanity’s hunter-gatherer origins and get forest tattoos to symbolize this yearning. With over half of the world’s 7.8 billion people living in urban environments, it’s easy to see why the forest often calls.

2. Symbolism in Tree Tattoos

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Forest tattoos include trees, either grouped or individually. Trees are found in nearly every natural landscape across the globe and make exceptional contrasts for your tattoo idea.

Traditionally, a tree tattoo symbol is linked to knowledge, growth, and wisdom, while also being associated with strength, spirituality, nourishment, immortality, fertility, and freedom.

Trees are known as a powerful symbol for majestic beauty and enduring strength over time, and you can promote uniqueness by emphasizing particular types of trees. The most popular tree species incorporated into a forest tattoo idea include:

  • Willow tree
  • Olive tree
  • Oaktree
  • Cherry trees
  • Birch tree
  • Palm tree
  • Pine tree
  • The Celtic Tree of Life tattoos

In some cases, they’re simply a smudgy part of the wider landscape of the tattoo, while for others, trees have very specific meanings and detail.

3. Animal Symbolism in Forest Tattoos

Half sleeve Forest Sleeve Tattoos swann_tattoo

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A tattoo collector could also be connected to traits of forest animals. They can frame their wolf forest tattoo or bear designs with great detail and deep meaning, or introduce supporting imagery to convey a range of feelings.

Endless creatures can be incorporated into their natural habitat, which makes forest tattoos even richer. Birds and insects add vibrant depth, and a variety of creature combinations work well in different technical settings.

The time of day also plays a huge role in animal forest tattoos. Dawn and dusk enable extra expression by using the sun to add original shading values, while the season may also be subtly indicated via changing leaves and weather patterns.

4. Forest Tattoo Design and Magic Symbol Body Art

Black Forest Sleeve Tattoos inszu_szu

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A common, but slightly different forest tattoo motif combines a forest, dead or leafless tree with items such as a human skull, pagan witchcraft symbols, and references to darkness and the macabre.

This forest and tree tattoo design concept juxtaposes these witchcraft symbol tattoos, with accompanying magic symbol folklore, and ideas of life and death to help your tattoo artist illustrate the concept of duality – we can’t have darkness without life, we can’t have life without death, and the creation of one type of beauty forms at the expense of another.

The forest can also be a component of witch symbol tattoos that come in many forms and take on different meanings. These tattoo design ideas thread between old school witch tattoos through to ancient Celtic mythology and new age religious style Wiccan symbols.

5. Forest Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Colored Forest Sleeve Tattoos nextlevelstudio

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Sleeve tattoos help create symbolic tattoos to be built in color or classic black and gray – a main theme such as a myth, animal, or person can be supported by the forest landscape and made into a large forearm tattoo or whole arm piece.

For others, the key is the landscape itself, with the ink a glimpse into the wilderness – small tree art surrounded by lakes, creatures, and mountains forged into one design with a range of secondary symbolic meanings.

6. Black and Gray Forest Tattoo Designs

Black Forest Sleeve Tattoos milan_tatt

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There is more to black and gray ink in forest tattoo ideas than photo-realism and the illusion – though brilliant – of black and white photography.

There are numerous different approaches and styles that effectively utilize a black and gray color scheme, from creative shading techniques that use fully saturated black ink to create silhouettes, line and shape techniques, and grayscale art, to stylized pieces that are reminiscent of lithographs.

7. Neo-Traditional Forest Tattoos

Colored Forest Sleeve Tattoos beccambtattoo

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Contemporary forest tattoo design ideas like to incorporate a range of concepts, that take on traditional technical approaches and boost them with vivid color, or an extroverted sense of line, shape, and pattern.

A talented tattoo artist can give the impression that you could climb into the tattoo; other designs take an illustrative approach that recalls 18th-century French paintings, picture books, or crazy geometric patterns.

8. Small Tattoos of Forests and Trees


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Simple and small tattoos are definitely worth considering if you’re a collector looking for a meaningful piece with little ostentation.

Forest design ideas make a solemn and dignified choice for a small tattoo design, whether it is a proud oak tree or a more somber willow tree.

A professional tattoo artist can help you create a small tattoo design to express the symbolic message you hope to convey in ink.

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