Luck changed their lives: 5 times finding the Golden Jar made them millionaires

Introduction Are you fascinated by gold? From ancient times to modern-day, gold has remained one of the most precious and valuable commodities in the world. Finding a fortune in gold is the dream of every treasure hunter. In this video, we’ll take a look at the top 5 largest gold fortunes discovered to date, from archaeological finds to modern-day treasure hunts. So, join us as we embark on a journey through the ages to discover these treasures.

The Black Swan Project The second-largest gold treasure discovered is said to be worth around $500 million. The Black Swan Project was a modern-day treasure hunt led by a group of explorers that began in 2007. The team discovered a treasure off the coast of Portugal, which consisted of over 17 tons of gold and silver coins, as well as other artifacts. The treasures were believed to be from a ship that sank in the 19th century, making it the largest underwater treasure discovery ever made.

The Saddle Ridge Hoard The Saddle Ridge Hoard is one of the most valuable discoveries in modern times. In 2013, a couple stumbled upon eight cans buried on their property in California’s gold country. The cans were filled with over 1,400 rare gold coins dating back to the 1800s, with a total value of around $10 million. The identity of the person who buried the hoard still remains a mystery, and the couple who discovered it wishes to remain anonymous. This find has sparked the imagination of many treasure hunters around the world.

The Treasure of Troy The Treasure of Troy is an archaeological discovery that dates back to the Trojan War. The treasure consists of over 8,000 gold artifacts, including jewelry, coins, and vessels, all made of pure gold. The treasure was discovered in Turkey in the 1800s by a German archaeologist named Heinrich Schliemann. The total value of the treasure is estimated to be over $10 billion. However, controversy surrounds the discovery, as some believe it was forged or smuggled out of the country. Regardless, the discovery remains one of the most significant in history.

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