65+ Attractive Underboob Tattoos With Meaning

Underboob tattoos are for those who adore feminine and alluring body art. Because of how intimate the placement is, these tattoos are, by nature, seductive and sexy.

But not everyone wears an underboob or sternum tattoo for this reason. These tattoos are also loved because of their endless design possibilities and low exposure. They are hidden most of the time and have the potential of making a grand reveal with a bikini or crop top.

However, inking on the area under the breast requires thoughts on both the position and design. The shape of the tattoo has to flatter the body’s silhouette. And be it simple or bold, the style should reflect the wearers’ aesthetics.

So to help narrow your search, here is a list of gorgeous underboob tattoos. From small, simple designs to wowing pieces, these tattoo ideas will inspire your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of underboob tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Gorgeous underboob tattoos with meaning

Sexy and bold underboob and sternum tattoos

Because underboob tattoos are placed between the boobs and on the sternum, they are covered most of the time. That makes them naturally seductive and sexy.

They also come in all shapes and forms. But if you are not afraid to go big, why not wear something that will maximize your charm? The following bold and gorgeous underboob tattoos will capture all the attention.

Black and grey mandala

Black and grey mandala underboob tattoo by @joanie.psychedelia


Mandala tattoos are a pleasure to the eye for their structure and sophistication. Meaning-wise, they represent wholeness and life cycles, reflecting the wearer’s spiritual values.

This underboob mandala stands out in particular because of its shape. It fits like a glove in the placement and elegantly outlines the shape of the breast.

Double floral snake underboob tattoo

Double snake underboob tattoo by @tattooist_fluffy


Tattooist Fluffy has a way of making flowers and animals interesting. By combining poppy flowers and snakes, she creates a tattoo symbolizing irresistible attraction.

Fine line lotus

Fine line lotus underboob tattoo by @morika.ink


A large tattoo like this can overpower the wearer. But because this tattoo is done with fine lines and simple shapes, it manages to stay simple and sleek.

Butterfly and sword

Butterfly and sword underboob tattoo by @hipner.magdalena


Sword tattoos are often a visual representation of strength and courage. Together with a feminine motif like the butterfly, this underboob tattoo will belong to a strong, badass woman.

Girly floral underboob tattoo

Girly floral underboob tattoo by @newtattoo_qiqi


Not all underboob tattoos have to be placed right under the bra line. This one, for example, is under one side of the boob on the ribcage.

And even on such a large scale with such vibrant colors, you can still hide the tattoos on this area in professional settings.

Flowers and floral mandala

Flowers and floral mandala underboob tattoo by @amybillingtattoo

Most mandalas are made of patterns formed by repetitive lines and shapes.

This sternum tattoo, however, decorates a floral mandala with realism flowers. Because of the balance between symbolic and realistic, this tattoo oozes sophistication and abundance.

Inspiring quote tattoo

Inspiring quote tattoo under the boob by @tattoo.joojoo


“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you think” is an adaptation of a famous Winnie the Pooh quote.

Having it inked on the body reminds the wearer to always search for her strength from within and never forget how capable she is.

Leaves under the boobs

Leaves under the boobs by @mmashaart


The construction of leaves and vines is highly customizable, so these elements often appear in armbands or bracelet tattoos to wrap around a body part. This is another example of using these motifs to outline the body silhouette.

Red spider lily underboob tattoo

Red spider lily underboob tattoo by @asheryyy07


Most flower tattoos have positive symbolism. Red spider lilies, however, are often associated with death and reincarnation. And their petals resembling spider legs make the tattoos look dangerously attractive.

Purple leaves

Purple leaves underboob tattoo by @newtattoo_qiqi


Most leaf tattoos are either black and grey or green. By filling in these symmetrical tattoos in purple, the tattooist creates a unique and flattering look.

Lotus mandala underboob tattoo

Lotus mandala underboob tattoo by @sanikshahi


Bold lotus sternum tattoo

Bold lotus underboob tattoo by @kunstwerk.chelle


Most underboob tattoos are located under the breast or on the sternum. But they can also extend to cover both areas.

This lotus tattoo, for example, becomes a bold statement for the amount of skin it covers. It will belong to someone who unapologetically prioritizes her inner peace.

Tribal butterfly

Tribal butterfly underboob tattoo by @luzitatts


Tribal tattoos represent the root and aesthetics of the wearers. This one, for example, is a feminine tribal version of butterfly tattoos. And the blades on both sides make this tattoo look sharper.

Marigold on the rib

Cute colored flowers underboob tattoo by @vane.tattoo


Therefore, this beautiful flower tattoo from Tattooist Vanessa is perfect to showcase your inner strength in overcoming adversity.

Eye and butterfly underboob tattoo

Eye and butterfly underboob tattoo by @kmyaraujotattoo


What a stunning and bold sternum tattoo. The butterfly symbolizes beauty and transformation. The patterns on the wings resemble the eye, creating a cohesive look with the eye on top.

Floral snake underboob tattoo

Floral snake underboob tattoo by @hwyl.tattoo


What an elegant way to incorporate flowers with a snake tattoo. It adds to the femininity of the design and makes it look more girly.

Intricate zodiac underboob tattoo

Intricate zodiac underboob tattoo by @lunae.magic


This fine-line tattoo has a lot of elements, each carrying different meanings.

For example, the moon and moon phases symbolize changes and life cycles while the wave represents rebirth and new beginnings.

On top of that, the small zodiac glyph below the moon phase turns this design into a subtle Pisces tattoo, connecting to the wearer’s identity.


Self-love tattoo under the boob by @len_art_


Self-love is the first and last love one will have in her life. That’s why it makes sense to have a self-love tattoo as a reminder to prioritize one’s well-being.

Rose and jewelry underboob tattoo

Rose and jewelry underboob tattoo by @yeriel_tattoo


Rose tattoos represent passion and love. And the red gemstones give a sneak peek at the wearer’s fiery personality. Together, this sternum tattoo not only looks regal but is also surefire to impress.

Moth and moon underboob tattoo

Moth and moon underboob tattoo by @jarhn_tattoos


Most moth tattoos represent transformations and death. But they can also be a reminder to seek light from within rather than the outer world.

A tattoo like this will inspire the wearer to stay calm amid chaos and not get blinded by temporary seduction.

Black and grey reversing flower

Black and grey reversing flower tattoo by @entala_tattoo


Making a tattoo fit in the space between and under the boobs requires thought. This simple tattoo checks the box by reversing the design. And with the blooming petals, this tattoo embodies a sense of vitality and strength.

Fish tattoo on the ribcage

Koi fish underboob tattoo by @ariatattooing


Fish tattoos have different meanings across cultures. They can be a symbol of abundance and good luck.

And in this rib tattoo, the fish reflects the wearer’s resilient side, signifying that she can stay flexible under pressure.

Lotus and dreamcatcher tattoo

Lotus and dreamcatcher tattoo under boobs by @julinka.tattoo


Stunning jewelry underboob tattoo

Stunning jewelry underboob tattoo by @jooa_tattoo


It’s not easy to tattoo gemstones as real as this on the skin. The shine, the colors, and the reflections all must be portrayed perfectly. And this tattoo nails it. It feels so expensive like a million-dollar accessory around the waist.

Symbolic lotus tattoo

Symbolic lotus botanical underboob tattoo by @michaelafoordentattoo


Small underboob tattoos

A beautiful tattoo doesn’t always have to be loud and dramatic. If you are a minimalist, the following small underboob tattoos will translate your charisma in an elegant way.

Minimalist ornamental underboob tattoo

Minimalist ornamental underboob tattoo by @zahaitattoo


This tattoo is almost entirely made of dots and tiny arrows. It’s perfect for those who want a subtle representation of their minimalist aesthetics.

Small flower underboob tattoo

Small flower underboob tattoo by @oanhabram


Because the skin under the boobs is thin, tattoos on this area could cause more pain than those on the thigh or the hip. Thus a tiny and simple flower like this will be a good idea if you are pain-sensitive or getting your first tattoo.

Small moon phase underboob tattoo

Small moon phase underboob tattoo by @1991.ink_


This moon phase tattoo under the boobs manages to keep the size small without compromising the details. It adds to the wearer’s femininity in a simple and elegant way.

Moon phase on the side

Detailed moon underboob tattoo by @tattooist_bae


Here’s another moon phase tattoo, but with a different placement. By placing it on the side instead of right under the boobs, the tattooist highlights the curve of the body.

Tiny underboob flower tattoo

Tiny underboob flower tattoo by @tattooist_naro


Small ornamental underboob tattoo

Small ornamental underboob tattoo by @iinkbratt


This tattoo may be simple, but it’s anything but crude. On such a small scale, this tattoo combines dots, shapes and leaves, creating a dainty but intricate look.

Beating heart

Small heart underboob tattoo by @_thinkdifferent


Heart tattoos often symbolize love and affection. This tiny anatomical heart tattoo, however, can mean something different. It will inspire the wearer to follow her intuition and listen to her heart.

Rib tattoo for foodies

Rib tattoo for foodies by @ovenlee.tattoo


In our interview with Tattooist Ovenlee, she mentioned that she aimed to make small tattoos pop. This patchwork foodie tattoo is an excellent example of her style. So if you are proud to be a foodie, and you love colors, this one is for you.

Small arrow underboob tattoo

Small arrow underboob tattoo by @uweoljansang


Quote tattoo on the side

Quote tattoo on the side by @schneusn.ink


Quote tattoos never go out of style because of the meaning they carry. Take this rib tattoo, for example. It encourages the wearer to be vulnerable and soft because it takes courage to be true to oneself.

Simple birds underboob tattoo

Simple birds underboob tattoo by @rachelgros_tattoos


Bird tattoos represent freedom and courage to go after one’s dreams. They are also perfect for tricky placements like the underboob because you can position the birds to fit the flow of the body.

Geometric flower underboob tattoo

Geometric flower underboob tattoo by @inuk.tattoo


A small beetle

Small beetle underboob tattoo by @choiyun_tattoo


Tattooist Choiyun might not have a lot of colorful tattoos. But she takes black and grey tattoos to another level with her skills and creativity, just like this one.

In terms of meaning, a beetle tattoo often represents strength and protection due to its tough exoskeleton. It works like a talisman, warding off any negative energy or harm.

Small wave and sun rib tattoo

Small wave and sun rib tattoo by @tattoo.joojoo


Small snake underboob tattoo

Small snake underboob tattoo with ornaments by @vivi_b_tattoo


This blackwork under the boobs is not screaming for attention. But the ornaments following the bra line are so sophisticated, making the design even more appealing.

Simple black and grey flower tattoo

Simple black and grey flower tattoo by @hadam.collection


Simple symmetrical leaves

Simple symmetrical leaves by @mediastintastattoo


Small yellow flower side tattoo

Small yellow flower side tattoo by @pokhy_tattoo


Tattooist Pokhy is an expert in using colors. Though she is best known for her blue tattoos, the yellow flower in this tiny ink lights up the skin.

Small flower garden

Small flower garden under the boob by @vane.tattoo


Though the flowers are not connected, the girly style makes them look cohesive. This design can also be a sweet family tattoo underboob, with each flower representing a family member, adding to its meaning.

Flower blackwork

Small flower tattoo under boob by @five30tattoos


Creative underboob tattoo ideas

So far, you’ve seen some of the best underboob tattoos. But because of the special placement, there’s room for creativity.

So if you want to step out of your comfort zone and have something unique, keep scrolling for more creative underboob tattoos.

Moth snake sternum tattoo

Moth snake sternum tattoo by @jamjam.tattoo


This can be a snake tattoo, a moth tattoo, or both. The tattooist portrays two intertwining snakes in the shape of an Atlas moth.

You can also see an infinity symbol around the moth’s body, adding depth to this already meaningful tattoo.

Gemstone pendant between the boobs

Gemstone pendant between the boobs by @yeriel_tattoo


Because of the placement and how realistic it is, this jewelry tattoo looks like a pendant hanging on an invisible necklace.

Skeleton dragon

Skeleton dragon sternum tattoo by @tattooer_intat


Compared to regular dragon tattoos, this daring body art from Tattooist Intat reflects the wearer’s dark aesthetics.

Destruction, death, and power are the first words to come to mind when you look at this design, making it empowering and cool.

Floral planets

Intricate floral planets underboob tattoo by @_saskia.klotz_


This tattoo incorporates flowers and the planets in the solar system. It’s a creative way to express the wearer’s love for space and the passion for exploring the unknown.

Koi fish and lotus

Koi fish and lotus underboob tattoo by @hwyl.tattoo


Sometimes less is more. By coloring only the lotus and leaving the rest black, the tattooist draws attention to the lotus.

Burning sacred heart

Burning sacred heart underboob tattoo by @paolameyertattoo


In Christianity, the sacred heart is often associated with Jesus, representing his love for the people and the sufferings he had gone through.

This tattoo depicts a burning sacred heart crying out blood in between two hands. It warns us that one can be hurt and manipulated by love.

Silkworm and witchy hand

Moth and witchy hand underboob tattoo by @maziaje.tattoo


Silkworms have similar meanings to butterflies, representing transformation and growth. With the hand, this witchy tattoo is a reminder to find your inner magic and embrace changes.

Captivating green snake

Captivating green snake under boob by @soosoo.tattoo


Tattooist Soosoo has a portfolio of tattoos that stand out for their colors. This asymmetrical snake tattoo is one of them. The green and the curling of the snake both contribute to its visual impact.

Small mountain underboob tattoo

Small mountain underboob tattoo by @_bone.broth_


Mountain tattoos are a symbol of one’s adventurous spirit and determination to conquer challenges. A simple underboob design like this will boost the wearer’s confidence in facing difficulties.

Unique flower underboob tattoo

Unique flower underboob tattoo by @newtattoo_qiqi


This creative look depicts flowers hanging on the branch. With the different sizes of the petals, this stunning design becomes a meaningful tattoo about growth.

Smoky butterfly and flowers

Smoky butterfly and flowers by @moku_tt


Realism angles

Realism angles underboob tattoo by @nium_ttt


Angel tattoos represent purity and the good in life. Such a realistic and detailed angle tattoo will inspire the wearer to be genuine, kind, and true to herself.

Symmetrical snake and moon

Symmetrical snake and moon underboob tattoo by @ulii.ttt


Stunning crystal underboob tattoo

Stunning crystal underboob tattoo by @tattooist_siia


Despite how big it is, this butterfly jewelry tattoo stills feels light because of the transparency portrayed to perfection.

Caged heart

Heart in cage by @studio_jaw


Some people get a tattoo for purely aesthetic reasons, while others send a message with ink.

Take this micro-realism tattoo, for example. It depicts an anatomical heart locked in a cage, showing that the wearer won’t give her heart out easily. Only the right person can have the key to her love.

Holding hands

Holding hands by @ausgefuchst.tattoo.art_


This big fine line sternum tattoo is full of emotions. The strings and the hands reaching out to each other shows the wearer’s connection to a loved one.

Fairy door

Fairy door by @nataszakura


This fantasy tattoo depicts a door that invites magic and good energies. But it can also be the entrance leading to the wearer’s inner power.

Fantasy underboob tattoo

Fantasy underboob tattoo by @moonlit_tattooist


Underboob tattoos for women are not just about fine line ornaments or flowers. A bold blackwork like this also stands out with the details, creativity, and strong personal style.

Which of these underboob tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!

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