67+ Soulful Lotus Tattoos with Meaning

The lotus flowers have long been a religious emblem in Buddhism and Hinduism. If you are familiar with the cultures or have been practicing yoga or meditation, you may have come across these flowers.

Lotus flowers grow in the mud and blossom above water. Despite their environment, they still bloom entirely uncontaminated. Therefore, they become a symbol of purity and rebirth.

Because of the rich meanings behind them, lotus flowers have always been among the most beloved tattoo motifs. They are a reminder to stay calm and mindful when you feel overwhelmed. The peaceful energy a lotus flower tattoo brings is priceless.

If you resonate with the lotus’s symbolism, or you are attracted to its elegant look, you’ve come to the right place. From small to big, simple to intricate, the lotus tattoos in this post will be a source of inspiration for your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of lotus tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Meanings of lotus tattoos in different cultures

Depending on the cultural background, a lotus flower tattoo may have different meanings, including:

  • Fertility and strength in Christianity, for the flower’s relation to Virgin Mary.
  • Resilience, mindfulness, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment after sufferings in Buddhism.
  • Healing and reincarnation for the lotus’s connection to the God of the sun in Hinduism.
  • Honesty and integrity in Chinese culture and the flower often appears in Chinese poems and literature.

Soulful lotus tattoos with meaning

Small lotus tattoo ideas

Many people relate to the lotus flowers because of the resilience and calmness they symbolize. They tend to have more subtle aesthetics and will want to keep their tattoos tasteful.

Sounds like you? Then don’t miss out on the following small tattoos that will represent your personal style.

Pink lotus on the wrist

Small lotus tattoo by @abii_tattoo


Dainty and simple but with a pop of color, this lotus wrist tattoo will be perfect for girls who need a visual reminder to prioritize their inner peace.

Black and grey lotus

Small lotus tattoo by @frommay_tat


Not many lotus tattoos depict the stem of the flowers. But it’s the stem that supports the flower to emerge from the mud and bloom. It gives a sense of strength and empowerment to a simple tattoo like this one.

Tiny symbols on the side of the wrist

Small lotus tattoo by @handitrip


Matching lotus tattoos for mother and daughter

Small lotus tattoos by @handitrip


There is nothing as beautiful as sharing the same value with someone you love. These mother-daughter tattoos are proof of an unbreakable bond and unspoken love.

Matching lotus and semicolon ankle tattoos

Small lotus tattoo by @adventure_tattoo_ahmedabad


Semicolon tattoos often appear on mental illness survivors as a badge of honor. They represent the courage to continue one’s healing journey. Together with the lotus, these ankle tattoos are reminders to stay strong even when it feels hard.

Tiny matching finger tattoos

Small lotus tattoo by @gorae_tattoo


Discreet tattoos are evergreen because they allow people to hide them when needed, just like these inner finger tattoos.

Lotus tattoo for music lovers

Lotus tattoo for music lovers by @yeowool_tattooer


From afar, this hip tattoo looks minimalistic and abstract. But when you look closer, the design has a hidden musical note that serves as a little surprise.


Small lotus tattoo by @donghwa_tattoo


From a small bug to a full blossom, every flower goes through its own journey. And we as humans are the same. This poetic growth tattoo will encourage you to be patient with yourself and evolve step by step.

Fine line abstract lotus tattoo

Small lotus tattoo by @arinatattoo


Tiny lotus forearm tattoo

Small lotus tattoo by @vane.tattoo


Egyptian symbols on the hip

Small lotus tattoo by @daniel.nabil_ink


If you resonate with multiple symbols, why not align them to create a horizontal tattoo like this?

From left to right, this tattoo depicts a lotus, the Eye of Horus, the sun, the human, and the moon. It demonstrates the connection between nature, humanity, and spirituality, reflecting the wearer’s understanding of life.

Lotus ornament tattoo on the bicep

Small lotus tattoo by @simya_tattoo


Most ornamental tattoos are either colored or entirely black and grey. This arm tattoo, however, has only one colored element – the lotus. And it makes the flower the center of attention.

Butterflies and lotus

Butterflies and lotus by @tattooist_dante


Butterflies symbolize transformation, which is cohesive with the symbolism of lotus flowers. This upper arm tattoo combines the elements to form a minimalist yet meaningful look.

Tiny watercolor lotus

Small lotus tattoo by @zumre_kiricilar_official


Watercolor tattoos are never out of style because of the endless possibilities of color combos. You can choose highly saturated and contrasting colors to create a wow factor. Or you can tone down the volume to keep it sleek and simple, just like this one.

Simple fine-line lotus tattoo

Small lotus tattoo by @yeowool_tattooer


Simple Aries and the lotus symbol

Simple Aries and lotus symbol by @simbar_tattoo


Aries are not necessarily the calmest bunch of people. Adding a lotus to an Aries tattoo will help bring grounding energies and peace of mind to the wearer.

Script tattoo on the collarbone

Small lotus tattoo by @trending__tattoos


If you want to make a lotus tattoo more personal, consider transforming the stem into your name or a word that is meaningful to you. This tattoo does exactly that. And the slightly tilted angle makes it a flattering collarbone tattoo.

Moon and lotus rib tattoo

Moon and lotus tattoo by @maro_ink


The moon is a symbol of peace and femininity. The lotus flower, which grows in mud, signifies purity and rebirth. These two symbols are often combined in a single tattoo to showcase the wearer’s feminine and spiritual side.

Small symbols on the back

Small symbols and lotus tattoo by @ink_billow


Lotus and koi fish tattoos

Koi fish holds a cultural significance in the east, especially in China, Japan, and Korea. There, they are seen as a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and longevity.

Paring koi fish with lotus in a tattoo gives the design more depth in meaning. It also brings movement to a static ink.

Vivid koi fish and floating lotus

Koi fish and lotus tattoo by @tilda_tattoo


Realism koi fish and lotus tattoo

Koi fish and lotus tattoo by @daldam__


Koi fish and lotus armband tattoo

Koi fish and lotus tattoo by @yshiww


Armband tattoos refer to those that wrap around the arm. But it’s rare to see koi fish and lotus flowers in them because they are not as elongated as dragons or snakes.

The tattooist brilliantly uses the pond as a background to connect the two elements. And at the same time, it seamlessly wraps around the limb.

Double fish and lotus

Koi fish and lotus tattoo by @seolheetattoo


Two koi fish swimming in opposite directions is a motif that often shows up in Pisces tattoos. Thus, this gorgeous purple-ish ink will be a representation of one’s identity and beliefs.

Realism and abstract

Koi fish and lotus tattoo by @tattooist_mate


The golden orange color isn’t the only thing that makes this forearm tattoo stand out. The abstract lotus symbols in the background create a contrast between real and unreal, making this tattoo more interesting.

Floating lotus and koi fish

Koi fish and lotus tattoo by @peria_tattoo


Stunning lotus tattoo ideas

When it comes to the design of lotus tattoos, the possibilities are endless. Minimalist, abstract, realistic, and traditional, every tattoo style interprets the lotus differently. To save you the headaches of finding your perfect idea, here is a list of gorgeous lotus tattoos to binge on.

Ink wash style lotus tattoo

Ink wash style lotus tattoo by @florasummertattoo


Ink wash is a coloring technique in oriental paintings that is similar to watercolor. By infusing water with paint and leaving out the boundaries between colors, ink-wash gives a tattoo an airy and natural flow.

Blue lotus neck tattoo

Blue lotus neck tattoo by @sellcanayvck


Compared to the red and white ones, blue lotus is rare in nature. Therefore, it is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to be different. And placing the tattoo on the neck further magnifies its visual impact.

Artistic lotus sleeve tattoo

Artistic lotus blackwork by @moku_ttt


Abstract lotus dragon tattoo

Abstract lotus dragon tattoo by @hwyl.tattoo


Dragon tattoos don’t often feel so soft. By turning a dragon into a smoke-like version, the tattooist creates an abstract and airy tattoo on the shoulder blade.

Lotus flower hand tattoo

Lotus flower hand tattoo by @mukyeon_tattoo


Stunning sun back tattoo

Stunning sun back tattoo by @lunae.magic


The lotus flower represents calmness, mindfulness, and zen in Buddhism, while sun tattoos symbolize energy and strength. Combining these elements, the tattooist tells the truth that strength is gained with a calm mind.

Landscape lotus tattoo

Landscape lotus tattoo by @1sle_tattoo


Landscape tattoos often depict a place or scene that feels nostalgic to the wearer.

This one, however, turns the petals of the lotus into an oriental mountainous heaven. The creative twist not only makes the design more interesting. It’s also a subtle way to connect the imagery with the wearer’s culture.

Black floating lotus

Black floating lotus tattoo by @choiwoo.tattoo


Even in black and grey, this tattoo still captures the purity of a lotus. The serenity depicted in this design makes it one of a kind.

Bold lotus spine tattoo

Bold color lotus spine tattoo by @iriss_tattoo


A lotus tattoo of this size is not common. The tattooist also uses dark shades of purple and pink to cover up a faded tattoo on the back of the neck. It’s such a daring look but still accentuates the wearer’s femininity.

Mandala lotus tattoo

Mandala lotus tattoo by @tattoo_artist_olive


Mandala tattoos are not only visually captivating. They also carry deep meanings like wholeness, stability, and spirituality, much like the lotus. Combining these two lies a solid foundation for something beautiful.

Whimsical dragon and lotus tattoo

Whimsical dragon and lotus tattoo by @katkatink


As an important tattoo element in eastern cultures, lotus flowers are often used to complement other motifs.

The main element in this thigh tattoo, Haku, is a character from the Japanese anime movie Spirited Away. And the stars and lotus elevate the look and make it feel divine.

Lotus tattoo between the boobs

Lotus ornamental sternum tattoo by @e.hyang_.tattoo


Tattoos between the boobs are intimate and appealing. They are also placed close to the heart chakra, which will be perfect for objects that represent the wearers’ core values or beliefs.

Bold lotus back tattoo

Bold lotus back tattoo by @spray.day


Flowy black lotus tattoo

Flowy black lotus tattoo by @e.bin_ink


Oriental lotus sleeve tattoo

Oriental lotus tattoo by @tattooist_arun


Knots often appear in symbolic love tattoos, representing the unbreakable connection between two people. The knots in this tattoo carry similar connotations and, at the same time, express the wearer’s pride in her root.

Crystal lotus tattoo

Crystal lotus tattoo by @tattooist_coldy


If you aim for something creative and different from the crowd, consider applying other textures onto a lotus, just like this glowing crystal tattoo.

Lotus painting tattoo

Lotus painting tattoo by @tattooist_mul


Lunar butterfly and lotus

Lunar butterfly and lotus tattoo by @ladnie.ink


Turtle and lotus

Turtle and lotus tattoo by @yerae_tt


Turtle tattoos are often a symbol of wisdom and protection. With the lotus on its back, this gorgeous sleeve tattoo will channel her intuition and keep her grounded.

Simple fine-line lotus tattoo

Simple fine line lotus tattoo by @won_tattooer


Matching lotus palm tattoos

Matching lotus palm tattoos by @sherinmariemavi


Black and grey lotus forearm tattoo

Simple fine line lotus tattoo by @toytattoo


Paper fan and yin yang lotus

Paper fan and yin yang lotus tattoo by @rahon_tt


Yin and yang refer to darkness and light, femininity and masculinity in our bodies, minds, and the earth as a whole. This tattoo depicts a paper fan with lotus flowers blooming on top. The yin-yang symbol is placed right in the middle, giving a sense of balance and harmony to the design.

X-ray lotus rib tattoo

X-ray lotus rib tattoo by @bryan.gee_


Geometric lotus tattoos for men and women

If you love abstract and sleek designs, you may have considered geometric tattoos.

These tattoos are usually made of clean lines and basic shapes. But because of the intricate construction, they often have a sense of mysteriousness and balance.

Below is a list of geometric lotus tattoos that are simple, well-proportioned, and will reflect your unique taste.

Vertical geometric lotus tattoo

Geometric lotus tattoo by @ida.minimal


If you are a minimalist, you may want to avoid stacking various shapes and colors on top of each other. This forearm tattoo has just the right amount of design to be simple and interesting at the same time. And the blue and purple highlight the tattoo.

Half-mandala lotus tattoo

Geometric lotus tattoo by @irene_illusia


Half-geometric lotus spine tattoo

Half-geometric lotus spine tattoo by @area6tattoostudio


Contrast is always an effective tool for creating visual impact. This spine tattoo puts together realism and geometric style to create drama.

Unique angular lotus tattoo

Geometric lotus tattoo by @3cubetattoo


The angles and dotted lines turn the design into a graph in a math textbook, giving a nerdy vibe to this tattoo.

Gorgeous red lotus on the back

Geometric lotus tattoo by @sarabirdtattoo


This back tattoo almost looks like a red quartz on the back. The 3D effect makes it look vivid and stand out.

Lotus outline back tattoo

Geometric lotus tattoo by @krutiandrade


Unalome lotus tattoos

Similar to the lotus flower, the unalome symbol is a spiritual emblem in Buddhism and Hinduism. It represents the path to enlightenment and one’s life journey.

The twist and turns at the top mirror the ups and downs in life. And the straight line toward the bottom signifies joy and fulfillment after sufferings.

If you have just gone through a tough period, or you want to be reminded to stay resilient and calm, the following unalome lotus tattoos are for you.

Red lotus unalome on the back

Unalome lotus tattoo by @greycustomtattoo


Black fine line lotus tattoo

Unalome lotus tattoo by @fedornozdrin


Small lotus and unalome tattoo on the back of the arm

Unalome lotus tattoo by @sukza__art


Unalome lotus nape tattoo

Unalome lotus tattoo by @senimemori.tattoo


Between-the-boobs lotus tattoo

Unalome lotus tattoo by @berkantt.g


Buddha and lotus tattoos

If you have explored Buddhism, you may have noticed the lotus flower’s association with the Buddha in tattoos and paintings. It’s because the flower is believed to be a sign of Buddha’s birth. And it’s also depicted in Asian art as the seat of Buddha.

So for those who follow Buddhist religious values, the following Buddha and lotus tattoos will be an announcement of their beliefs.

Intricate Buddha and lotus tattoo

Buddha and lotus tattoo by @kimshine_tattoos


Buddha hand gestures and golden lotus

Buddha and lotus tattoo by @jiro_painter


Instead of drawing the entire Buddha, the tattooist chooses to represent him with two hands in the Vitarka gesture, symbolizing the unlimited flow of wisdom. And the gold dripping from the lotus makes the tattoo more divine and lively.

Black and grey Buddha sitting on a lotus

Buddha and lotus tattoo by @exoticink.tattoostudio


Unique lotus and Buddha hand on the sleeve

Buddha and lotus tattoo by @mimique_tattoo


Which of these lotus tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!

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