Big Net fishing, processing on a frozen fishing boat

The video showcases a large fishing vessel that uses a big net to catch a large number of fish. The net is lowered into the water and then pulled back up, capturing a massive amount of fish in the process. This technique is known as “purse seine” fishing and is commonly used to catch schools of fish that swim close to the surface.

Once the net is full of fish, the crew starts processing them on the boat. The fish are sorted and then moved to a processing area, where they are gutted, cleaned, and packaged. The boat is equipped with advanced freezing technology that allows the fish to be frozen immediately, ensuring they remain fresh and preserve their quality.

The video highlights the importance of efficient processing and freezing techniques to maintain the quality of the fish. The boat’s advanced freezing technology enables the fish to be kept at the optimal temperature, preventing any deterioration in quality that may occur during transport.

The video also showcases the scale of modern fishing operations and the amount of fish that can be caught using advanced techniques. It demonstrates the impact that commercial fishing can have on the environment and the need to use sustainable fishing practices to protect marine resources.

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