Close-up of Japanese chef’s 40kg ‘super giant’ octopus processing

Octopus is a favorite among Japanese people, especially in dishes like fresh sashimi. It can be roughly understood that sashimi is “cutting raw meat to eat” without going through many processing stages.

First, to catch the octopus, the fisherman will drop the cages to the bottom of the sea, the octopus will get in to hide, but this cage can only go in one way, but can’t come back out.

The octopus being pulled onto the boat will be weighed to be classified, for the Japanese, the octopus meat is better if the octopus is bigger. Then the chefs will process the octopus as soon as they are brought ashore to ensure the freshness of the meat.

Processing giant octopus. Photo: Pinterest

Here is the process of handling a giant octopus weighing up to 40kg, its tentacles are the size of an adult human’s wrist. The chef will proceed to separate the head from the tentacles, then cut off each of its tentacles.


Octopuses have a very complex ganglion nervous system, so even if the head and tentacles are cut off, the cut parts can still move because two-thirds of the neurons are in the nerves in its tentacles. .

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