Intense animal encounter: Burmese python takes on crocodile in a fight to the death

Burmese python swallows crocodile after dramatic battle
The Burmese python swallowed an equally large American alligator in the blink of an eye before taking a nap with a full stomach.

Wildlife cinematographer Heiko Kiera recorded the scene of a swamp python killing an alligator in the Everglades, Florida, USA,  Daily Star  reported on September 21. In the video, a massive python the size of a crocodile plunges into a life-and-death battle with an opponent. It didn’t take long to get the upper hand and squeeze the crocodile to death.


After wrapping its body tightly around the crocodile, the Burmese python opened its mouth to swallow its prey in an instant. At the end of the sumptuous banquet, the python went to find shelter and lay quietly to rest, waiting to digest the food.

According to Kiera, the entire python hunt lasted only three hours from fighting the crocodile to swallowing the prey. “What’s shocking is that this alien has killed one of Florida’s top predators, the alligator,” Kiera said. “The crocodile was still struggling when it was swallowed by the python. It was a very memorable scene.”

The video has attracted nearly 40 million views since it was posted on Youtube and has been shared by many TV channels about the animal world such as Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Burmese pythons can grow up to 9 meters long. They specialize in using weapons that are sharp teeth to grab their prey, before squeezing until the victim suffocates.

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