“Tattoo Chic: 2023’s Hottest Trends Revealed – 12 Unique Small Tattoos for Women”


If you are a woman of an hourglass figure you are lucky as your shape is considered ideal. Besides, whatever you wear looks well on you. Still, you can flatter your assets more if you know how to choose tattoos that look best on you.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is the size – you need to choose the right size of your tattoo. Your breast should be supported well and the waist cinches perfectly. Now let’s talk about small tattoos. With your body type you can wear almost any type of swimwear and look good. It’s all about how comfortable you are with your body, how much skin you want to show and what areas you want to play up or down.

If you have modest breasts (not overly endowed) then halter or triangle bikini tops will look wonderful on you. These types of cuts in a bikini top will show off your bust line. To keep your hourglass look pair this type of top with a triangular shaped bottom. In case your bust is large, a bikini top that doesn’t provide enough support (and usually they don’t) will look bad on you. However you can find a top that fits you well and has enough support.

Another possible choice to flaunt your curves is a one piece bathing suit that has good built in bust support and a full back. Women of hourglass body types can draw attention to their legs and make them look longer and leaner by wearing a swimsuit bottom that is cut high on the sides. Women of these shapes can wear bikinis as well even if they are plus size. However, you will look better in a swimsuit with high waist bottom and supportive top rather than a little string bikini.

If you favor patterns you should know that attention will be drawn to that particular area. Be careful with stripes. Horizontal stripes look well on boyish figures only. To create a slimmer waist purchase a suit that’s a solid color with a different colored waistline. When you pick up a one piece suit, opt for one that doesn’t bunch or creep up on you.

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