Eagles spread their wings to shield small birds from jackals

The moment an angry eagle stood in front of the jackal and prevented it from pounced on the small bird caught the eye of an amateur photographer.


When the hungry jackal tried to pounce on the frightened little bird, the eagle swooped down in front of it with an angry expression, forcing the jackal to leave.


The intense confrontation in Romania’s Danube Delta was captured in full by Lars Wiebe Bezemer, a 25-year-old Dutch chef, during a picnic. 


“When a confrontation like this happens right in front of your eyes, you will feel like you are watching a documentary series on National Geographic channel live,” Caters News on 11/11 quoted Bezemer.


“Both are impressively powerful animals, I almost hold my breath when I see such an interesting creature as the white-tailed eagle. I can’t find words to describe that amazing moment. These photos. gives me goosebumps and reminds me of a great experience,” Bezemer shared.

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