Although living in Australia, many people still shudder when they witness the sight of a marsupial being strangled by a python in a tree.

The Daily Mail recently posted a video, recording the scene of a giant python eating its meal – an adult marsupial. The video was shot in Queensland, Australia. 


Video of a python swallowing a marsupial hanging from a tree.

The video was recorded by a passerby, Mr. Greg. Greg said in that life-and-death moment, the poor marsupial couldn’t do anything else, its body tensed and trembled, and the python became more and more tight, biting from the head of its prey. 

It’s unclear exactly when the video was shot, but it was posted on Facebook by ABC Brisbane last Wednesday. The video has caused a lot of controversy for viewers, mixed with fear when witnessing this predatory scene. 

Seeing something dangling from the tree, people came closer to realize the scary scene - Photo 2.

“The poor marsupial suffered a tragic end when facing the carpet python at Currumbin. Why didn’t the cameraman rescue it,” one person shared. 

“I don’t think it’s any good to film this and post it online. Poor marsupial.”

Image of a poor marsupial being swallowed by a python.

However, others said the scene was extremely “impressive”; python hunting is a very normal thing of nature and the hunting skill of this animal makes many people admire when it can hang itself from the tree and catch its prey quickly. Of course, once caught by the python, it is difficult to escape. 

Seeing something dangling from a tree, people came closer to realize the scary scene - Photo 4.

Such stories are not too uncommon in Australia when a few months ago,  Tony Morrison, from the snake-catching organization Readland shared a short video of a giant carpet python trying to catch snakes. squeezing a bat while hanging from a tree branch. 





Mr. Morrison said carpet pythons are quite common in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) and they are not harmful to humans but still need to be moved to a safe place.

“In the end, we got the python out of the bush because it’s the children’s way to school every day,” Mr Morrison said.

The moment a giant carpet python is clutching a bat on a tree branch in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia).

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