Angry male hippo kills calf in front of mother after fight with rival

Angry male hippo kills calf in front of mother after fight with rival

Aпgry male hiρρο kills calf iп frοпt οf mοther after fight with rival

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Stacey Farrell, 30-year-old tour operator for Shoreline Hippo and Safari, who witnessed the incident, said: ‘For hours she chased the adult hippos and ???????????????? hippos away from the baby. Children because I believe she knew they would be too rough. .

This is the moment a bully hippo throws a baby in the air as if it were a doll.

The shocking photos were taken by an amateur photographer in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa, two weeks ago.

The helpless 5-day-old baby was seen thrown into the air as its mother desperately tried to save it.

Two male hippos were fighting at the time, so the mother of the newborn thought it would be safer to stay away. But the decision proved dangerous for the ???????????????? when an adult hippo grabbed the calf.

Sadly, when she closed her eyes, one of the adult hippos grabbed the young. Whether the intent to kill it or a joke or possibly false jealousy, we will never know.

“The mother tried to get the ???????????????? back but with the calf in the adult’s mouth, there was nothing she could do.

“She hit the hippo’s neck causing the ???????????????? hippo to bite harder and then suddenly threw the baby into the air.”

Sadly, the newborn hippopotamus died from the wound just hours later.



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