Check out the interesting design of the tree house

Set in a wooded area of ​​West Dorset, near the Jurassic coast, the wooden house is built among the large branches of an ancient oak tree. The house is an ingenious combination of simple, elegant wooden structure with luxurious and comfortable furniture.
Wooden house
The wooden house is built in the middle of the old oak tree in the forest
Tree house
The house is considered an ideal hiding place in the middle of nature, temporarily away from the noisy life
The result of a collaboration between the architectural firms Guy Mallinson and Ernst Brownlie & Marks, the house is designed for two adults with full luxury amenities to provide a comfortable stay. In particular, the construction process of the house does not affect the oak tree. The design team also researched and ensured that the oak tree has reached a stable growth that does not threaten the safety of the occupants.
tree house
The wooden bridge leading to the tree house
Unique wooden house design
Stairs leading up to the viewing terrace of the wooden house
Modern house
Contrary to the rustic appearance, the interior of this house is very luxurious and comfortable
Comfortable tree house
Spacious, cozy space of the tree house
The bathtub has a luxurious design no less than a hotel room
Comfortable bedroom
Comfortable bedroom with king size bed
Luxury toilet
Interesting design of the bathroom
The treehouse is currently rented for £310/night

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