Confronting the wrong King of snakes, the rat snake received a catastrophic end

Đụng độ nhầm Vua của loài rắn, con rắn chuột nhận cái kết thảm khốc

(ĐCK) Even though they are of the same species, the meat of snakes is the favorite food of the king cobra.

The king cobra is not the fastest slithering snake, not the strongest and not even the most venomous, but it is still considered the king of snakes.

According to snake experts, the reason why the king cobra is called the king is because it is not particularly strong in the field of muscles and strength, but in return it is endowed with intelligence, agility, and majestic demeanor.

An adult king cobra has a length of about 3-4 m, in some cases up to 7 m long, so it also occupies the title of the longest venomous snake in the world.

Đụng độ nhầm Vua của loài rắn, con rắn chuột nhận cái kết thảm khốc ảnh 1

The majesty of the king cobra – King of snakes.

They are also known as particularly aggressive “killers”, often hunting for their fellows, including extremely dangerous venomous snakes such as black mamba snakes, rattlesnakes are also victims,

In the video below, we will admire a typical king cobra hunt with a rat snake victim.

Accordingly, the king cobra was stalking its prey on the tree when it discovered a rat snake coming to its territory.


Clip nguồn: National Geographic.

The appearance of a “sick killer” when wagging his sensitive tongue helps it sense and locate an approaching target.

When injected into the body of the prey, the venom of the king cobra will attack directly to the central nervous system, causing blurred vision, pain, drowsiness, dizziness and nerve paralysis.

The rat snake tries to struggle, counterattacking by biting back at the predator.

The rest of the snake king’s job is easier than ever, all it needs to do now is swallow its prey whole and enjoy the feeling of victory.

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