Fishermen reel in alligator as big as their boat

The footage shows the massive alligator calmly swimming alongside the boat, before the fishermen throw a hook and start reeling it in. The animal puts up a fight, but the experienced anglers eventually manage to bring it onboard their vessel.


The alligator, which measured over 13 feet in length and weighed over 900 pounds, is believed to be one of the largest ever caught in the state of Louisiana. The fishermen were understandably shocked by their catch, but also relieved to have successfully caught such a dangerous animal.

While alligator hunting is legal in Louisiana, it is strictly regulated by the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Hunters are required to have a special license, and there are strict limits on the number of animals that can be caught each season.

Despite the regulations, alligator hunting remains a popular pastime in Louisiana, and the state is home to some of the largest alligators in the world. In fact, the state record for the largest alligator ever caught is held by a hunter who captured a massive 19-foot animal weighing over 1,000 pounds.

Alligator meat is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, and hunters in Louisiana are allowed to sell the meat and other parts of the animal after they have been harvested. However, hunting alligators is not for the faint of heart, and it requires a great deal of skill and experience to safely capture these fearsome creatures.

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