Giant octopus stuck causing traffic jam

Incredible images of the giant creature pass through London, and cause traffic chaos at Oxford Circus.


giant octopus was trapped in central London yesterday morning, many residents quickly took amazing pictures of this 8-legged creature on the way to work, the octopus was carried. the back of a truck.




Surreal photos show the giant octopus as it passes through London

Sophie Harrison, a Switter user, said the creature appeared to be “lost”, while Transport for London warned passersby to “approach the creature”.

Roman Self-Drive, a vehicle rental service, said that one of its trucks was used to transport this giant octopus while traveling through London, and believes it is very possible. possibly related to the World Cup.

The octopus is owned by Betfair, who said it was taken to a movie location but the transport vehicle was damaged and apologized on Twitter for the traffic disturbance.

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