Go catch the world’s most expensive giant fish on the Amazon River

Arapaima arowana (scientific name is Arapaima or Pirarucu), also known as sea urchin, sea urchin, is quite common in the Amazon region.

arowana fish

The villagers carried the fish they caught back to the village

Confirmed as the largest freshwater fish in the world. Individuals have been caught more than 3m in length and more than 150kg in weight with scales larger than 6cm wide. In the world, there have been recorded sea elephant fish up to 4m long, weighing 300kg. Currently in Brazil, the environmental protection agency only allows people to catch this fish only once a year around November, December, and only fish with a size of 1.5m or more to protect it. protect this giant fish.

arowana hunting

In November, people on Rumao Island are excited again for the arowana fishing season on the Solimoes River, the main tributary of the Amazon River, in the Fonte Boa reserve.

River Solimoes

Solimoes River, a tributary of the Amazon River, where many Arapaima fish live.

tag on arowana

Tag attached to arowana products from Lake Fonte Boa

arowana fishing

A bountiful fishing season.

arowana scales

Arapaima arowana scales up to 6cm.

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