Le jaguar, délicaT eT coᴜɾageᴜx, remρorte ᴜne victoιɾe convaincante conTre le gigantesque crocodile.


Famous for their impressive hunting ambushes, this time the jaguar will have to face a much more difficult challenge, which is to hunt crocodiles in their own territory – under the riverbank. .
Delicate and brave, the jaguar won convincingly against the giant crocodile

With a quick nature, the ability to patiently stalk opportunities, the jaguar “jaguar” is a genuine killer of the jungle, the terror of all animals not only on land but also in the water. .

The clip filmed by a group of tourists rowing boats on the banks of the Black Little River in the city of Porto Jofre, north of the Pantanal, will show us the jaguar’s extreme hunting skills against a heavy prey, fish. caiman crocodile.


Clip source: Truly youtube.

According to Leen Gillis, the tour guide of the group, when walking along the river, the group suddenly discovered a jaguar crawling slowly along the bank.

The hunch of many years in the profession told the guide that a dramatic hunting scene was about to happen, so she stopped the group and took out the camera to record.

Unexpectedly, the “big cat” after a while of observation, flew down to the riverbank, briefly attacking a caiman crocodile lying on the bank.

The hunter is not afraid to strike right under the water, which is not his favorite place, with a decisive, malicious bite that hits the critical point (throat) of the prey.

Subtle and brave, the jaguar won convincingly against the giant crocodile photo 1

The jaguar continuously attacks the weak point of its prey.

Although the crocodile tried to fight back, but before the absolute power of the jaguar, it gradually lost its strength and suffered a bitter end.

To be able to enjoy it to the fullest, the jaguar has to overcome another obstacle. It’s to drag your “meal” over the slope to a safe location before you can butcher it. Although it was quite hard and took a lot of strength, the leopard finally completed its successful hunt.

The jaguar is a master predator on the shore, however, having to fight with crocodiles, an opponent that is not easy to eat, in rivers, lakes, and unprotected is extremely rare because the risk is too high. big.

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