Monkey Heroes: Brave Efforts to Save Baboon from Python’s Grip.

Baboons are an intelligent animal and live in large groups. The leading baboons are always the healthiest and most aggressive. When the monkeys are angry, their strength is extremely terrible.

A rare scene was captured when a herd of angry baboons charged at a python trying to capture a small monkey.

The video was filmed and uploaded to Youtube, the cameraman heard the screams of the monkeys and approached to discover the terrifying fight.

The python is trying to squeeze a new adult monkey and wants to eat it. The baboons were very nearby and were looking angry.

Baboons constantly rush into battle with pythons to frighten the pythons, the monkeys take turns screaming and fighting with pythons. The python gradually got scared and the necessary thing happened.

The python had to free his prey to fight back and then escape. Unfortunately, the young baboon died later from his wounds. Who we think was his father carried him and stayed always by his side, probably til the end.

Baboons are extremely intelligent and very emotional, this wonderful video has also collected more than 750k views along with many comments from the audience.

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