Rare Beauty Unveiled: The Enigmatic Tibetan White Yak, the World’s Rarest Color Phase of Yak

Tibetan White Yak – The Snow White Yak is the rarest color phase of Yak in the world. In China and Tibet they figure their numbers to be around 3% of the population, with the vast majority of those residing in Tianzhu Tibet, there almost all of their yaks are white!

The гагe Tibetan White Yak is a majestic creature that thrives at the highest altitudes and looks like something oᴜt of Sesame Street

A large white Yak in TibetA large white Yak in Tibet

What a majestic creature!

..As China tried to expand into Tibet in the late 1930s, it looked to the yak as a way to “modernize” Tibetan culture.

Mountain whit yak at shangri la


White tibetan yak stock photo. Image of meadow, livestock - 38086568

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