Catch a giant catfish monster up to 2.4m long

With a length exceeding 2m, this giant catfish is considered very rare in the wild.

As one of the famous French professional anglers, Charly Da never seems to let fans down with her feats. On October 9, he once again became a hero when he conquered the giant catfish known as the river monster.


The giant catfish that Mr. Charly caught in early October.
This angler from the city of Poitiers said the giant catfish he caught was up to 2.4 meters long. Compared to the average size of the catfish, which is only about 1.6m to 1.9m maximum, its length is really rare in the wild.
Catfish are identified by their whiskers and characteristic smooth skin. Depending on the species, the catfish family has many different sizes. However, the most prominent is the Mekong giant catfish.

This catfish has a length of up to 2.4m.

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