The lion’s surprise attack with 7 antelopes on the street

The 181kg male lion tries to eat as many impalas as he can to satisfy his hunger.

The male lion rushes into the middle of the antelope herd.  Photo: Sun.

The male lion rushes into the middle of the antelope herd. Photo: Sun.

Photographer Chad Fisher witnessed the hunting of a hungry male lion just 6 meters from the nose of the car in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The angry lion ran straight into the middle of the impala herd. Fisher quickly grabbed his camera and recorded the rare sight.

The impalas hurriedly scattered while the lions rushed towards them. In one photo, the ill-fated antelope was caught in the middle of its mouth by a lion while its fellow panicked and fell to the ground.

The slow-moving gazelle was bitten by a lion.  Photo: Sun.

The slow-moving gazelle was bitten by a lion. Photo: Sun.

“Previously, the male lion seemed to be patrolling the territory as usual. It marked it with a scent before it saw the antelope and immediately pursued. The young antelopes slipped and fell in panic. They just received it. saw the lion’s presence at the last minute when it was too late,” Fisher said.

Usually, the female lion is responsible for hunting in the herd, while the male spends most of the time guarding the territory and the cubs. However, male lions are still capable of hunting and developing their own tactics. While lionesses hunt in groups, males prefer to hunt alone and use surrounding trees to surprise their prey. They make about 10% of all hunting trips in the herd. According to Fisher, the male lion retreated into the bush after eating the impala.

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