The scene of a hungry snake biting to death and then devouring its own kind

After using venom to kill an opponent, the Southern whip snake devoured the spoils even though it was its own kind.

Although unconscious, animals are always aware that cannibalism is an impossible concept in the wild world. Recently, the very rare moment a snake swallowed another snake was captured by South African photographer Sean de la Harpe Parker.
Initially, the Southern whip snake kills its opponent by grabbing and biting the neck.
Reportedly, while working at Sabi Sands Hunting Park in South Africa, he caught sight of two hungry snakes fighting right in front of the trees. With the advantage of fast attack, the Southern whip snake was able to grab the smaller Western striped belly sand snake.
After being attacked and bitten on the neck, the striped-bellied sand snake was exhausted due to being absorbed by the opponent’s powerful venom. It quickly became a loser and was suddenly swallowed by the attacker…. It took nearly an hour for the whip snake to swallow its prey completely.
The 40-year-old man, now living in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, said he was fascinated by the game in the wild. And luckily, he was the one who captured these precious images.
The whip snake began to devour the striped-bellied sand snake.

The meal took about an hour to complete.

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