Thousands of people in Bangladesh came to the ranch to see the rare white dwarf cow and only 51 cm tall.

Thousands of people have ignored social distancing regulations because of the COVID-19 epidemic in Bangladesh to see with their own eyes a dwarf cow that is only 51 cm tall.

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Many people have ignored the social distancing regulations to see Rani. Photo: AFP

AFP news agency (France) said local media has paid special attention to the dwarf cow named Rani at this farm near Dhaka. Rani’s owner claims it is the smallest cow in the world.

The image of Rani on social networks has made many curious people flock to the farm in Charigram, 30 km southwest of the capital Dhaka to admire this cow.

Rani is only 66 cm long and weighs only 26 kg. The owner claims that Rani is 10 cm shorter than the world’s smallest cow recorded in the Guinness World Records.

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Rani is smaller than cows of the same breed. Photo: AFP
Photo captions
Rani dwarf cow has become a phenomenon on social networks. Photo: AFP
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Rani is even smaller than a goat. Photo: AFP

Mr. MA Hasan Howlader, the farm’s manager, said that in the past 3 days, 15,000 people have come to admire and take pictures with Rani.

The Guinness World Record recorded Manikyam cow, only 61 cm tall in Kerala state (India) as the world’s shortest cow in June 2014.

Rani belongs to the Bhutti breed of cattle, which is famous for its meat quality in Bangladesh. The other Bhutti cows on the farm are all twice the size of Rani.

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