USA: The fishing rod caught a giant long-snouted sea monster weighing 113kg

On April 16, an American angler caught an alligator gar, a “living fossil” fish that has existed for more than 100 million years.
Close-up of the long-snout crocodile that the angler Art Weston caught.

According to local media, angler Art Weston, with the help of his guide Kirk Kirkland, caught a long-snouted crocodile, also known as a long-snouted sea monster, on the Trinity River near the city of Huntsville, Texas, USA. .

The fish weighing 113kg is considered a record-setting fish according to statistics of the International Sports Fishing Association (IGFA). The IGFA has different record-setting categories based on the type of rod used by the anglers.

Weston put the fish on a specialized scale before releasing it back into the wild.

Weston told Field & Stream: ‘I caught the fish using the bait of carp cuttings. I struggled with the fish for 25 minutes until my guide, Kirk Kirkland, tied it with a rope.

According to Weston, he and his instructor used a specialized scale to measure the weight of the crocodile, recorded information about the size and type of the fish, and then released it back into the wild. .

Crocodiles can breathe both on land and in water. The largest specimen ever recorded was 3 meters long and weighed 156 kg. The fish that Weston caught was 2.2 meters long.

Crocodiles can live to be 100 years old.

“This 113kg fish was so big it made our boat spin around,” Weston said. “Since there was no way to bring it to the boat, we tied a rope to pull it to shore.”

As noted by the IGFA, most of the records set for the long-snouted sea monster were recorded in the water bodies of Texas.

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