War between elephants and pythons. And the ending

A group of tourists witnessed from start to finish and recorded a life-and-death fight between a python and a crocodile. Accordingly, initiallyPythonTaking the initiative, it uses its body to squeeze the opponent and uses its strength to make the prey suffocate and die.

However, crocodiles also have to be light opponents. It used its teeth to bite and the body of the giant python while constantly struggling on the ground, trying to struggle outPythongiant. But in the end, animals are classified as the highest level ofanimaleat meat tooPythonbig to summarize and become its delicious prey.

When hunting, they mainly use sharp teeth to squeeze their prey, then use their bodies to wrap tightly around the prey. Head ofPythoncan swell many times, so even though crocodiles are very big, pythons can also swallow and gradually digest their prey.

Photo description.
The fight between python and crocodile takes place very fierce.
Photo description.
In the end, the victory belongs to the giant python



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