The little turtle “talented youth”, dared to chase the lions from the territory

The little turtle in the article has its own expression to remind the invaders that they are not welcome in this area.

Not only humans but all animals living on Earth, no one can live alone without any relationship with others. A good and lasting relationship is only possible when there is a two-way interaction. If you want others to treat you how you care, how you should treat them.

In life, the one who knows how to give is also the one who will receive much, which is also one of the leading factors leading to success.

Care and sharing can be expressed with only simple and close gestures and attitudes, but it helps us to discover many valuable things in others to cherish and learn. Caring, sharing is an attitude that shows sympathy, goodwill and help towards others, especially those who are in difficulty or need. It is a resource to help each person overcome difficulties and uncertainties.

In other words, if you don’t care about anyone, you won’t share it with others, like the situation in the story below.

The funny incident happened near the Sand River area in the Mala Mala Reserve, in the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa and was filmed by guide Reggi Barreto.

In the clip, a pair of lions “both male and female” can be seen, after a full meal, heading straight to the riverbank to drink water to consume food. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a “small but martial” character appeared aggressively. It seems that the turtle wants to inform the other two strangers, who have always claimed to be the lords of all things, that ” this river is dug by me, this water is watered by me, not coming, coming, drinking. is to drink”.

Strangers drink water without permission.
Strangers drink water without permission.

Looking at the turtle’s gesture, one can feel its anger that seems to be about to explode when there are strangers, without permission, to ruin the peaceful life. Now the tortoise does not want to share any resources in its territory with strangers.

Of course, encountering a landlord who is not at all friendly like that, the part of being a guest, even if you don’t know the intention, must be afraid, so you have to quietly leave.

Before this incident, Barreto and his guests were all wide-eyed, completely not understanding what had just happened. According to the guide, all the tourists were waiting for was to watch the lions, but what they witnessed really exceeded their expectations.

More than a decade of rolling with the wild world, Barreto had never seen such a strange thing. The fact is that wild lions have never been a gentle and tame species. Even Barreto’s source said that the lions had just “meat” a zebra before being “taunted” like that.

According to the guide’s observations, it seems that the turtle was attracted by the blood stain on the lion’s mouth, so it became agitated.

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